Why Give

Why Give

Gifts to SCC make a significant impact right here in Solano County and Winters, helping local students succeed.

Solano Community College is making an impact in our community on a daily basis. Today the College provides high quality and affordable higher education to over 14,000 local students. It has a track record of success 70 year in the making. Students from all backgrounds have the opportunity to select an academic major in over 100 career fields. The College has a rich history of providing workforce training to meet the needs of local industry, from apprenticeship programs to support Mare Island Naval Base in decades past, to biotechnology to support the biotech industry cluster in Vacaville. In fact, SCC is how poised to issue Bachelors of Science Degrees in Biomanufacturing, joining an elite group of just 15 community colleges in California to issue four year degrees.

For more information about the SCC track record of success, please review the following. Please consider making charitable contribution to SCC students and the College through the SCC Educational Foundation.

Thank you.

SCC is an affordable pathway to a four year university or good paying technical career. Although tuition is just one-tenth of UC, most of our students need financial assistance to stay in college. In fact, approximately 50% of the students at SCC are from very low income households. SCC is making the college dream come true for these students.

In 2012 twenty-eight percent of University of California graduates and 55 percent of California State University graduates started at a California community college. Even more significant, 48 percent of UC’s undergraduate students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) majors transferred from California Community Colleges.

At Solano, each year about 400 to 600 SCC students transfer to UC and CSU universities. In 2010, 102 SCC students transferred to UC Berkeley and UC Davis. This was nearly equal to the number of first time freshman entering these schools from all public high schools within the Solano Community College District in 2010.

By attending SCC first, students that go on to the UC system have saved over $23,000 in tuition alone. A full time student at Solano Community College pays just $1,104 to $1,380 per year in tuition, and students from very low income families may have their tuition waived. This compares to over nearly $14,000 at a University of California (UC) campus and nearly $7,000 at a typical California State University (CSU) campus.

With such affordable rates and five campuses positioned throughout Solano County, it’s no wonder why SCC is the number one choice for high school seniors in our District that go on to a California public college or university.

For seven decades Solano Community College has improved our community through the power of education and workforce training. Today, higher education is more important than ever. New jobs require an educated workforce that SCC can provide.

Solano Community College offers remedial courses for students that need help adjusting academically to the rigors of college, and provides career technical education in subjects such as auto body, drafting, accounting, nursing and biotechnology. These programs are also available to military veterans, workers that suffered a job loss, or retired individuals with the desire to train for a new career.

A 2012 study by Georgetown University showed that 4 of 5 jobs lost during the great recession were held by workers with a high school education or less. So helping students achieve a college education provides long term stability for our community by reducing unemployment and the associated fiscal and social impacts.

Imagine a community where all of our residents have the education and training for a quality job in a field of their choice. By making a donation to the Solano Community College Educational Foundation you’ll be help bring this dream come closer to reality.

SCC is the number one college choice for Solano County residents. SCC educates half of the public high school seniors bound for State colleges and universities in our District. Over 14,000 local students attend SCC, including approximately 1,000 first time freshman from local high schools each year.

The success of our students demonstrates why SCC is the number one choice. A higher percentage of SCC students graduate with Associate’s Degrees than all of the surrounding community colleges, including Napa Valley, Diablo Valley, Sacramento City, American River and Santa Rosa. In addition, from 2000 to 2010 our students transferred to UC and CSU at a higher rate than Napa Valley, Sacramento City, American River and Santa Rosa.

Solano Community College is delivering high quality education at a fraction of the cost of UC and CSU campuses. SCC is a part of the California Community College (CCC) system that is one of the most efficient higher education programs in the US. Tuition is just one-tenth of the UC System, and SCC has been awarded a Bachelor’s Degree Program with a four-year total tuition of just $10,000.

With 113 colleges and over two million students it is the largest higher education system in the nation. The UC system has less than 200,000 undergraduates, and CSU less than 400,000.

Yet tuition at California Community Colleges is just one-tenth of the UC system. Tuition for undergraduates at a UC campus is typically $13,800 and at a CSU campus about $7,000. This compares to $1,380 ($46 per unit) for a full time Community College student. Tuition covers only about 25% of the actual cost per student, so local support is needed to enhance programs.