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β€œI’m a Lifer” – SCC Alum Says She Learned More at Solano than at Berkeley

The 24-year SCC alum and business owner Jordan Inglebright says you can, in part, thank her education for that. β€œI use what I learned from Solano on a daily basis, and that has made me a lot more confident and happy in what I do.”
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Supporting Educational Excellence

SCC Alum and Foundation Board Member Offers Scholarships to Deserving Students SCC student Sante Thomas has no doubts about what she wants to accomplish and what kind of commitment will be necessary in order to realize her dream. And, thanks to someone who knows the meaning of hard work and persistence, she is getting much needed help.
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A Resolve to be Resilient

Sandi Redenbach - β€œI was a drop out and thought I was stupid back then. In my late 20’s, I finally graduated from high school and spent three years at Solano Community College. It was there that I began to realize I could achieve things.
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Louise Walker

Louise says she would never be in her position without the education she received from Solano Community College. β€œI’m thankful for the two years I spent at SCC. I had some great teachers and, through them, I was able to determine the direction I wanted to take in my career.”
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