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Funding a scholarship is a meaningful way to leave a legacy and honor an important person in your life while helping a student achieve their education and career goals.

Seven out of every ten students at Solano Community College receive some form of financial aid. But most need additional assistance for the things many of us take for granted, such as transportation, personal computers, and paper and ink for printing college assignments. Yet these students taking the initiative and working hard to improve their future and quality of life.

At the SCC Educational Foundation one of our highest priorities is to support the students most in need. We offer donors considering an investment in higher education the option of creating scholarships with customized student selection criteria. For example, a donor may select an area of study/major, eligibility criteria such as GPA or minimum units per semester, and financial need or academic success.

The amount of a donation to establish a scholarship varies from just $250 for a one time scholarship to $10,000 for each endowed (perpetual) scholarship. Donations may be added to an existing scholarship or a new scholarship created with naming rights for the donor.  Please click here for more information: Scholarship Handout_2 pages.

By supporting the scholarship program, you will be supporting the students most in need; not to give
them a hand out, but a hand up.

Why Scholarships Help Transform Lives

  • Small scholarships make a huge difference to students struggling financially. These students need help with books, transportation, and other college expenses to stay enrolled.
  • The connection between education and prosperity is direct and powerful. Without post-secondary education, the likelihood of unemployment increases significantly. During the Great Recession, four out of every five jobs lost were held by a worker with the High School education or less.
  • Students who earn a degree or certificate from a California Community College nearly double their earnings within three years.

Please join us! Your partnership is essential to ensure student success. Complete the Scholarship Donation Form and click on the green “Give Now” button to make your donation. Call or write Curt Johnston with any of your questions (, or 707-864-7141).

Make a Scholarship Donation Here