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Solano Community College has over 100 academic and career technical degree and certificate programs.  Consider making a donation to a program that helped you achieve your academic potential, or help the next generation of students in your profession. Below is a list of SCC Schools and Individual Degree and Certificate Programs

The School of Applied Technology and Business includes Accounting, Banking and Finance, Bank Operations, Business, Business-Insurance, Economics, Management, Marketing, Office Technology, Real Estate, Career Technical Education, Aeronautics, Automotive Technology, Cosmetology, Drafting, Industrial Education, Occupational Education, Welding, Computer and Information Science, Computer Programming, Microcomputer Applications, Web Development and Administration, Public Safety, Criminal Justice, Computer Forensics, Corrections, and Law Enforcement.

The School of Health Sciences includes Athletics, Dance A.A., Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Fire Technology, Health Education, Kinesiology A.A. for Transfer, Nutrition A.S. for Transfer, Registered Nursing A.S., Certified Nursing Assistant and Home Health Aide, and Sports Medicine/Athletic Training A.S.

The School of Liberal Arts includes Art, Film and Television, Interior Design, Music, Photography, Theatre Arts, English, ESL, Foreign Language, Humanities, Journalism, Philosophy, Reading, Sign Language, and Communications Studies.

The School of Mathematics & Science includes Mathematics, Science, Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Engineering, Horticulture Science, Physics, General Science, and Water and Wastewater Technology

The School of Social & Behavioral Sciences includes Ethnic Studies, Human Services, Psychology, Social Sciences, Sociology, Child Development and Family Studies, Early Childhood Education, Associate in Science in Early Childhood Education for Transfer, History, International Relations, and Political Science.

For information, please contact Curt Johnston, Executive Director of the Educational Foundation:
Phone: 707-864-7141


The Dean’s Club was established to streamline donations directed to specific SCC academic departments (Schools). The degree and certificate programs in each School is listed under Invest In A Program. Members of the Dean’s Club make an annual gift of $500 or more. Life members make a one-time gift of $2,500 or more. Below are the benefits of joining the Dean’s Club.


  • Website recognition and in publications
  • Honored guests at Annual Dean’s Club reception
  • Individual plaque for home or office
  • Complimentary campus parking
  • Complimentary tickets to selected College Athletic events and Fine Arts performances
  • Copy of annual College catalog
  • SCC Library card

For more information about current academic programs at SCC, please consider contacting one of the Deans:

The School of Applied Technology and Business
(707) 864-7000, Ext. 7155

The School of Health Sciences
Dr. Sheila Hudson Dean
(707) 864-7000, Ext. 7208

The School of Liberal Arts
Neil Glines, Dean
(707) 864-7000, Ext. 7250

The School of Mathematics & Science
Dr. Joseph Ryan, Dean
(707) 864-7000, Ext. 7122

The School of Social & Behavioral Sciences
Sandy Lamba, Dean
(707) 864-7000, Ext. 7142

For information on how to join the Dean’s Club, please contact Curt Johnston, Executive Director of the Educational Foundation:
Phone: 707-864-7141


SCC accepts all students, including those that excelled in high school and others lacking sufficient academic preparation for college. To ensure the success of at risk students, SCC operates basic skills programs and student support services, in some cases called “bridge programs.”

These programs provide students with academic and social supports that act as a safety net. But more importantly, they provide students hope, rooted in the belief that they belong in college and can succeed. These students know the value of hard work, and embrace the fact that higher education can pull them and their families out of poverty.

At the SCC Educational Foundation, our dream is to help everyone in our community who strives to achieve a college education and improve their quality of life.  So we are working to support various student support and bridge programs on campus that were established to help make this dream a reality.

Why is this important?

The less educated are vulnerable to erratic employment and often hold lower wage jobs. During the Great Recession, four of five jobs lost were held by a worker with a high school education or less.

In Solano:

  • 55,000 people live in poverty
  • Each year about 700 youth drop out of high school. Our dropout rate is nearly 20% higher than California.
  • A four year college degree increases lifetime earnings by $830,000.

SCC Student Support Programs

By providing tutoring, mentoring, counseling, and financial support, SCC student support programs are proven to increase the number of educationally under-served students who enroll in four-year universities and earn degrees. The goal is for these students to return to the community as leaders and mentors to future generations.

Student support programs at SCC include:

  • Academic Success and Tutoring Center serving all students
  • Puente Program primarily serving Hispanic students
  • Guardian Scholars Program supporting former foster youth
  • Veteran’s Affairs Center
  • Students Overcoming Adversity and Recidivism (SOAR) serving formerly incarcerated students
  • Motivated, Educated & Noble (M.E.N.) of Solano Community College serving African American Male students
  • TRIO SSS-STEM Program for disadvantaged students in science, technology, engineering or math majors
  • Disabled Services Program (DSP)
  • Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) for students disadvantaged by language, social, economic or educational circumstances
  • CalWorks for students needing financial support and job training
  • First-Time, Full-Time, Fast Track to Transfer (FT3) to help first time students fast track their education

Educating students from our most vulnerable populations can transform our community. Well trained employees attract businesses that provide quality jobs. Stable employment reverberates throughout a community, ultimately resulting in safer neighbors and a higher quality of life for all.

For those not prepared for college, we can’t change their past, but we can change their future.

What you can do to help

We need your help to fund these programs and for scholarships. Funding generated by this campaign will:

  • Increase the number of students served by support programs
  • Enhance the mentoring, tutoring, and counseling activities
  • Increase academic and cultural activities not usually available to disadvantaged students, such as trips to four-year universities, special lectures, and business site tours; and
  • Provide scholarships for the students most in need.

SCC student support programs survive with minimal funding, since they are not traditional college classes supported by the State through student enrollment figures.  Together with scholarships for low income students, they are the focus of our fundraising because they support the most fragile students at SCC.

Contribute today and make a difference

Gifts may be directed to specific programs, student scholarships, or to where the need is the greatest. While gifts in any amount are truly appreciated, please consider investing:

  • $46, the tuition for one semester unit at SCC
  • $138 will fund a student’s three-unit class
  • $414 will fund a part-time student for one semester
  • $690 will fund a full-time student for one semester
  • $1,380 will fund a full-time student for an academic year.

Click on the green “Give Now” button to make your donation.

For more information, please contact Curt Johnston, Executive Director of the Educational Foundation:
Phone: 707-864-7141