Success Stories – Students

Support Scholarships

The Educational Foundation is launching The Solano Promise: A Hand Up for Higher Education. The new program helps students receive a large array of support services and financial assistance to get a college education or certificate in a career technical field of their choice.
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Why Students Choose SCC

Why Students Choose SCC Top ten reasons why students choose Solano Community College
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Daniel Schmitgal

Daniel transferred to U.C. Santa Barbara. Below are excerpts from his commencement speech. His words define the student experience at Solano Community College.
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MESA 2013

The MESA Program at SCC has been in existence since 1992. The program has grown from five students to the present-day enrollment of 112 students. Since 2003, every MESA Program participant, approximately 100 students per year, has transferred to a four-year college and completed their degrees.
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